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Above Ground Pool Supplies in San Diego

Above ground pool

At Ambar Pool & Spa Supplies, we work hard to ensure your pool is clean and ready for you to dive in. We provide the answers, products and installation services you need to keep your pool working all summer long.

Filters and Pumps

Filters and pumps are important for the proper function of your pool. Pumps come in many shapes and sizes, but they’re all designed to perform the same task. They’re meant to pump water in and out of your pool. Filters come in three main varieties and are meant to clean debris out of your water. The exact type of filter or pump needed is based on your pool. Our expert team members will help you know which type to get.

Heating Elements

For those who want their pool to stay a consistent temperature, heating options can be installed. We supply both heaters and heat pumps and will install them so you don’t have to. Heaters and heat pumps are similar, the main difference being that heat pumps use the air around your home to provide heat, while heaters use propane or some other type of gas to heat the water. Both are great options, but if you’d like a second opinion, give us a call.

Sanitizing Solutions

As we’ve stated before, keeping your pool clean is a crucial part of caring for your pool or spa. At Ambar Pool & Spa Supplies, we provide you with everything you need to keep your pool clean and keep you healthy. Contact us today to find out what chemicals and cleaners are needed to sanitize your pool, or let us know if you need your water tested for pH levels or need to get an estimate on replacement parts.

No matter what kind of pool or spa you have, above ground or in ground, Ambar Pool & Spa Supplies everything you need to keep it operating at its best.