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In Ground Pools in Imperial Beach, CA

A clean, clear in ground pool

Taking proper care of your pool can significantly improve how long it will last, as well as decrease the number of needed repairs throughout the years. Here are a few tips and tricks as a gift from us to you to help you keep your in ground pool in tip-top shape.

Check the Levels

Make sure you check the pH and chlorine levels of your pool at least two times a week. This keeps your pool in swimming condition and helps you spot problems early on. Keeping your chemicals balanced keeps your pool clean for your family.

Clean Regularly

We recommend that you completely clean your pool once a week. This keeps algae and bacteria from growing and helps you to stay healthy. For tips on cleaning, give us a call.

Filter as Often as Possible

Running your filtration system keeps your pool clean from dust, dirt and germs. Although it can be expensive to run 24 hours a day, we recommend that you keep it running as much as you can. In addition to running your filtration system, it’s important to clean your pool filters regularly or after heavy use. This helps your system do its job better.

Call Your Local Pool Experts

When it comes down to it, pool care is a tricky business. There’s a lot of work and chemistry that is involved in a pool’s maintenance, and most of us don’t have the time or energy to keep up. That’s why we’re here. We’re your local pool and spa experts. We’ve got the supplies, information and service options you need to keep yourself relaxed all summer long. Leave the upkeep to the experts. Contact Ambar Pool & Spa Supplies today.