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Summer Pool Prep in Chula Vista, CA

sun shining on a pool

Are you ready? With the heat coming fast and the sunshine promising longer days, it’s time to uncover your pool and get it ready for endless backyard barbecues and parties. Before you send out invites to your friends, however, let’s talk about pool prep.

Begin Early

Believe it or not, waiting too long into the summer season to open your pool back up can have some negative effects. Algae likes to grow in dark, warm places; under the pool cover in mid-May is a perfect atmosphere for it to live. So start a little earlier and save yourself a lot of disinfecting and algae removal. Also, with the wonderful weather Southern California enjoys almost all year, there is no reason to not open your pool and take advantage of the warm weather.

Gather Your Supplies

When you open your pool for the season, make sure you have all of your supplies handy. This helps speed up your work and keep you from running to the store for forgotten products. Keep in mind that chemical products used last season won’t be as potent and concentrated a year later. It’s best to replace them. Just tell us what you need and we’ll get it for you.

Prep the Pump

Cleaning your filter and making sure your pump is operating properly is a critical part of getting your pool ready for the summertime. Once you’ve got it running, keep it running for at least 24 hours. This ensures that your pool is completely clean before diving in.

Testing the Water

Checking the chemical levels of your pool keeps you and your pool healthy. While test kits and strips are great for checking everyday chemical levels, we recommend that you have it professionally tested at the beginning of the season. Call us, and we’ll help you out.

Clean and Store

Another important aspect of the beginning of swimsuit season is cleaning your pool cover before storing it. This ensures that any bacteria or algae present are killed before storage. Skip this step, and you’ll find the pool cover may be ruined at the end of the season.

Owning and maintaining a pool is a lot of work. We know that, which is why we’re happy to answer any of your questions and provide any service needed. Contact our office today to order supplies or replacement parts and to schedule a cleaning or repair appointment.