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Winter Pool Care in San Diego

Covered pool

After a long summer full of pool parties and backyard tanning, it’s time to say goodbye to the water for another year. Preparing your pool to endure winter conditions is critical if you want to keep your pool in good condition and make opening it back up easier next summer.

Put All the Extras Away

First thing’s first: Take down all the extras. This means ladders, diving boards and other accessories. Take them down and put them somewhere they’ll be safe from rust or damage until the weather gets warm again. There’s no reason to keep them out, and doing so can cause your pool damage.

Test the Chemical Levels

Just as in the beginning of the summer, it’s recommended that you get your water professionally tested at the end of the season. Adjust chemicals as needed and ask us how you can prevent the growth of algae and bacteria during the coming months.

Add Protective Chemicals

During the wintertime, your pool will need extra chemicals to fight bacteria during the coming months. Without them, your pool will become filled with bacteria and could be damaged. We can supply everything you need and answer your questions about how to use them.

Clean the Filter

It is paramount to clean your filter before you close your pool for the winter. You don’t want any gunk, insects or other animals to stay there for a long period of time as they could cause pump issues or more. If you’re unsure about how to clean your filter, contact our office. Our team of experts can clean your pool’s pump and filter quickly and efficiently so you don’t have to waste time. We make pool maintenance hassle-free for you.

Blow Out Your Lines

Blowing out your lines is crucial. If done improperly, your pipes could crack, leading to a very expensive and time-consuming repair. Your best option is to call the pool experts at Ambar Pool & Spa Supplies. We’ll take care of everything so you can remain stress-free.

When you choose Ambar Pool & Spa Supplies, you choose high-quality care and repairs that last. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to ask us how you can care for your pool during the winter.